Breaking Stereotypes: Africa Rewriting Itself

Since the inaugural summit in 2013, SAASUM has expanded, covering a multitude of topics over the years. SAASUM has been honored to welcome incredibly accomplished speakers over the past five years, and we are excited to continue the tradition with this years theme.

The theme for our 2019 summit is ‘Breaking Stereotypes: Africa rewriting itself.’ This year, SAASUM aims to provide a forum for debate and reflection around the theme ‘Breaking Stereotypes: Africa rewriting itself’. We are interested in exploring how traditional and emerging forms of art both challenge and assert what it means to be African today. With 54 countries and hundreds of tribes within each, the continent carries a strength from its diverse cultures unmatched anywhere else in the world. In a time so ever changing from political and economic issues, Africa now more than ever can step forward as a leader in its people’s successes and growth. Under this theme, SAASUM is excited to closely examine the impact African cultures have had in shaping history and will have in shaping the world of tomorrow.  

Check back here for updates regarding events and the program for our summit, taking place February 23rd, 2019. To stay connected, follow SAASUM on social media through the links at the bottom of the page. For questions or to get involved, please email