2018 St. Andrews Africa Summit @ Hotel Du vin

By way of this year's selected theme; 'Identity and Empowerment: An African Evolution' we will interact throughout the year with various topics, such as mistaken identity, female empowerment and the influence of culture while also attempting to unravel how to successfully empower Africa's next generation. 


SaaSum 2018 Annual Dinner Party @ The One Under

SAASUM 2018 Dinner at the One Under Hotel was a fun gathering of friends to enjoy food, wine and listen to amazing live music and poetry readings. Each table was given a list of 'fun facts' about several countries within Africa and throughout the night were swapped around so each person was able to read about all 54 countries!


2018 Pop-Up Gallery @ Spoiled Hairdressers

SAASUM Presents: A Collaborative Art Project + Multimedia Pop-Up Gallery. Photography + Painting + Illustration + Film, Capturing Africa behind the lens, with DJ Untitled behind the decks, and complimentary South African wine graciously supplied by The St Andrews Wine Company