St Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) is a student led initiative that promotes a versatile discussion about Africa as a place, a people, and a catalyst towards a greater future.

SAASUM’s primary objective is to provide a platform that stimulates a critical dialogue about the common discourses concerning Africa by bringing together the professional, the academic and the student. We aim to provide participants with an all-encompassing understanding of the trends currently shaping African affairs.


Through collaboration with professors and student societies, SAASUM will incrementally introduce potential attendees to this multifaceted region and use various mediums to actively involve our St Andrews community. Thus far, SAASUM has organized four successful events with over 500+ attendees. 



Earlier this year I met with a small group of students whose big ideas and far-reaching aspirations have taken shape in the founding of the St Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM). I hope that, like me, you will be inspired by their passion, commitment and rigorous intellectual ambitions. SAASUM speaks to the very best of our academic community here in St Andrews: to a deep-seated belief in the importance of engaging actively and critically with issues of national and global importance. I wish all involved with SAASUM every future success.
— Former Principle Louise Richardson of the University of St Andrews
The St Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) is a fantastic and novel initiative set- up by a group of enthusiastic and committed students who recognise the importance of challenging and problematising many of the traditional representations of Africa by exploring how culture, politics and commerce intersect. I wish them all the success with this very important and worthy initiative!
— Gurchathen Sanghera, Lecturer and Pro Dean of Arts and Divinity School of International Relations, University of St Andrews
St Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) is an exciting initiative organised by students passionate about Africa and its peoples. The Summit aims to provide a forum for intense debate and reflection over the continent’s current state and future potential and brings together activists and experts for a concentrated period, seeking to analyse the challenges ahead. It is to be most welcomed.
— Ian Taylor, Professor and Politics of Africa Expert School of International Relations